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Win Bryan McIntire’s money, part 1

Campaign finance reports are due out later this week and one of the big questions begging for an answer is who will get a piece of Republican Councilman Bryan McIntire’s sizable war chest.

The four-term councilman who lost the September primary to challenger Todd Huff, had $221,421 in cash on hand, according to the last report filed on Sept. 2 (so there’s a chance the actual figure is probably less).

McIntire confirmed that he has been the focus of solicitations from a number of candidates “running in this county and others and one person from another state.”

It’s something that is new to him.

“I was never at a point where I wasn’t running and had money left over,” said the councilman.

McIntire declined to say who, if anyone would get a slice of the pie. He acknowledged that the obvious recipients could include Republican County Executive candidate Ken Holt and Republican council candidates David Marks, Ryan Nawrocki, and Steve Whisler.

All four are members of a campaign slate account called Reform Baltimore County, which is chaired by former Republican Councilman Wayne Skinner, who represented Towson from 1998-2002.

Missing from that list was Huff. McIntire declined to speak about any plans involving the man who ousted him after 16 years.

The donations, if they materialize, could come just months after McIntire was criticized by one local Republican club for what was seen as the councilman’s failure to assist in party building efforts.

In July, the 42nd District Republican Club voted to endorse Huff over McIntire.

Julianne Grim, president of the club, said the issue was McIntire’s lack of involvement in bringing up and supporting other party candidates.

“I think the club was interested in supporting candidates who are interested in building the party,” Grim said at the time.

  1. October 21, 2010 at 12:16 am

    Oh man, I thought this was some kind of sweepstakes or something. Just think of what I could do with a couple hundred thousand…trails off into a day dream of a tropical desert island where she’s sipping on calorie-less pina coladas and being waited on hand and foot. Ooohhh, maybe Bryan will treat me to a much needed vacay when all this is over. Pinch, and now I’m awake. Darn.

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