Smith donates “appropriately dressed” statue


Smith Olympian Park

Smith at the dedication of Olympian Park in July. (Photo courtesy of Baltimore County)


The County Council Monday night approved a donation of a statue from County Executive Jim Smith and his wife, Sandy, and thanks to a question from Councilman Bryan McIntire, we now know that the figures will be “appropriately dressed.”

County Recreation and Parks Director Bob Barrett told the council that the statue of of a boy and girl holding the earth is estimated to cost $5,150. Once completed, the statue will be installed at the recently dedicated Olympian Park, which will honor six Olympians and Paralympians including Michael Phelps, Anita Null and Jessica Long.

“And they’re properly dressed?” McIntire asked Barrett, who then told the council the figures would be properly attired.

In an interview following the vote, McIntire said he asked the question because the council was being asked to vote on the statue sight unseen.

“We were voting on something in the blind and I prefer not to do that,” said McIntire. “While they don’t need to unveil the statue in front of us, I did want to know what it was.

“Suppose it was something inappropriate or a statue of (Smith) or “Heir Homan,” said McIntire, referring to County Administrative Officer Fred Homan.

“I’m sure it will be tasteful,” said McIntire.

The park, located at 601 York Road on the Towson Circle, is on the site of a former gas station which the county acquired in August 2007.

At the time of the purchase Smith announced his intention to turn the site into some sort of park or public green space. It was then that McIntire called the site “Carbon monoxide park.”

  1. Malina
    October 19, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Only McIntire….it did make me lol though…

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