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Cutting $87 million during the commercials

Jon Herbst was the guest on Sunday night’s edition of “All Politics is Local” featuring host Jay Liner as well as a panel of journalists including myself and Al Forman of Investigativevoice.com.

Herbst, the Republican candidate for the 2nd Council District in Baltimore County, came on to talk about his campaign and stances on schools, tax rates, business regulation and pension reform. (Vicki Almond, the Democratic nominee for the same seat was also invited but she declined citing a prior commitment.)

On the subjects of pension reform and lower taxes, I asked Herbst about how he could lower taxes without cutting services and still absorb state teacher pensions that are likely to be pushed down on the county in 2011.

You can listen in while Herbst tries to  find $87 million after just one commercial break.

All Politics is Local is a live call in radio program about local politics. The show can be heard every Sunday night from 7-8p.m. on WCBM 680 AM and on WCBM.com.

NOTE: A reminder to my readers. This blog is my temporary home while I wait to join Patch.com as the assistant regional editor in Baltimore County where I will cover county government and politics. I’ll start over at Patch.com on Oct. 25.

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